Testing method
All cameras were set on a tripod. The luminous heads connected to the studio Broncolor Grafit generator are a source of impulse light. It allows to regulate illuminance precisely (to reduce it on 1 step) and to avoid “stirrer”, “freezing” of the object by means of a light pulse. A gray Kodak map is an object of shooting.
If you do the similar test, don’t forget to disconnect noise suppression in the RAW converter and Sharpening in the same place. They are included by default!!!


“Noise” tests
If you open a picture with the Canon 5D Mark II (RAW), the picture seems absolutely sharp. By measures of the Canon 5D Mark II. But if I open a picture with Canon 5D mark III, it appears even more sharp! You can estimate a difference by this pictures.

ISO 100

Left: Canon 5D mark II, right: Canon 5D mark III

Left: Canon 5D mark II, right: Canon 5D mark III

ISO 800


Left: Canon 5D mark II, right: Canon 5D mark III

ISO 3200


Left: Canon 5D mark II, right: Canon 5D mark III

ISO 51200


Canon 5D mark III

Today  totals will be short since I plan to add some information to this article.
1. The new camera Canon 5D mark III has less noisy matrix, than the old one Canon 5D Mark II.

2. “The working threshold” for ISO wasn’t stepped. All the same only digestible ISO 800. Everything  requires noise suppression. Program or hardware, but requires.
In the light of it, it appears not so important what camera do you have. And the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 5D mark III work quite tolerably at ISO 800.
Personally I prefer to work at ISO 100, and in darkness — from a mount or with flashout. Not to draw out a shadow not to find a “porridge” which is successfully hidden from our eyes. Yes,  even on ISO 100 there always be a noise in a shadow. Sometimes it is very essential.

3. Nature of “noise” is different. At the new camera Canon 5D mark III it is more pleasant. If it is possible to tell about green-violet light.

4. The most interesting — a difference in sharpness of pictures. Whether tomorrow I will check business in focus or after all different matrixes give different resolution and it is possible to squeeze out still something of a lens, having bought the new camera.