With the Canon 5D Mark II everything seems clear — the first revolutionary camera which allowed to be engaged for smaller money in professional activity.
And what about Canon 5D mark III?
Today, when I have this camera, I can speak with deep arguments and make the observations and impressions.

canon 5d mark3

Canon 5D mark III is more rubber, than Canon 5D mark II. It should show it’s big heat/damp-proofing. But it is rather a visibility, than serious protection, because it is visible where water can flow. I won’t begin to flood water, of course. The Canon 5D Mark II was easily put out of action even by one drop of the water getting to the place of lens splicing and the camera.
If to speak about Canon 1D X, the protection is much better there. Even having simply taken cameras in different hands, you will note it.

Oh, these buttons

Now about buttons. Yes, they moved again. I don’t know why these damned buttons migrate with each new camera. In order that you were tormented permanently by some feeling of discomfort, if it is not your first camera?


Especially irritates the migrating magnifying glass, the most often involved button. I.e. earlier for this purpose was enough to click viewing and to increase/reduce a picture by two buttons on the right above. And now we should find at first the magnifying glass button, and then to use a wheel. These two elements are located that now I need a lot of time to increase a picture.
But there was senseless and ruthless “Rate” for an assessment of the creations.
We, of course, can’t estimate our masterpiece then. It is necessary to do it now.
Then I don’t understand why there is no ‘tweet’ and ‘share with friends’ buttons?!
The camera power button moved to the left and up now. The button is used extremely seldom so it has no value.

1Still wonderful button “Picture Style”. For “true artists” who several times for shooting change style of the shooting (so it is logically, if the button is on the first place). Still this button manages multi-exposure and HDR.

4It is necessary to press the button and to switch a wheel to other mode. I did not have such accidental switchings, so I estimate an innovation negatively. Again operation deceleration. This camera is not for high-speed shootings where it is so important that the mode accidental didn’t switch! On the prof. cameras we use only buttons, but not wheels for protection against accidental switchings.

The useful innovations on Canon 5D mark III

Two memory cards. Happens you will take out a card to download a photo and you will forget it in a card reader. The card is on 32 GB — differently will be enough.

Autofocus. In Canon 5D mark III there is an AF sensor, the same, as on Canon 1D X. It works by itself not as on Canon 1D X, but it is much better, than on the Canon 5D Mark II. For example, my slow lens Canon EF 100/2.8L Macro IS USM starts being focused in 2 times quicker. All the same slowly, but it is noticeable quicker, than earlier.

Screen. On my personal impressions the screen of the camera began to display more flowers. Colors became more saturated and bright. It is plus, on the sun the camera shall behave better and the image became closer to that we will see on the monitor screen. Though…

Support of HDR. I don’t use intra camera HDR and I don’t advise you. HDR shall be “handwork”.
It is more than a speed of serial shooting.

Higher sensitivity limit. Senseless function. ISO 102400 it is much higher than any reasonable limit in case of the modern technologies of a sensor at Canon.

Impressions of the Canon 5D mark III

Frankly speaking, I didn’t note an acceleration of pictures on the camera screen, despite the new processor. Perhaps, the reason that the camera uses noise suppression for the displayed picture (in case of the noise suppression which is switched off in the menu!). The image on a fraction of a second is displayed with noise and suddenly a noise disappears. I didn’t understand why it occurs and how to disconnect this nonsense. But this fact irritates. And therefore that shows a lie and therefore that slows down process of picture display on a camera screen.
The lock sound changed. It is personally customarier and more pleasant to me other sounds of a lock. At Canon 5D mark III this sound is new.
Focus screen now is unchangeable. But actually it is possible to change it after all. Simply it is necessary to make more efforts on dismantling.