I finished shooting material on the lens Carl Zeiss Distagon 35/2 ZE for a long time, and now I decided to write the article.
But my impressions of a lens are not first. I already used it some time ago. Many thanks to Alexey L. from St. Petersburg for this lens. It was very pleasant to communicate with him, and we are obliged to him for several reviews.




All pictures given below are made on Carl Zeiss Distagon 35/2 ZE. The Sharping isn’t present, only resize. Click at the picture.
I applied full-size dzhipeg to some pictures. I removed in RAW, the sharping in the camera and the RAW converter is disconnected!
If you want to compare, do the same on the camera. In case of creation of miniatures it is visible that the detailing of a picture is bad, but not a sharping of the camera, “intellectual” (exactly so-called) a sharping in a photoshop and so forth. It is IMPORTANT!




Carl Zeiss Distagon 35/2 ZE perfectly holds the light, has a high resolution and contrast. Carl Zeiss Distagon 35/2 ZE saves picture geometry which is easily corrected in the RAW converter by connection of the appropriate profile. It, of course, doesn’t correct distortion from absolutely short distance, but in that case and whether there is a sense to correct? In all things it corrects everything with a bang.
It is conveniently and pleasantly to use. Completely metal, weighty, with confirmation of an autofocus. It is suitable for a landscape, as well as for city architecture.
In principle, it should concede on resolution to Carl Zeiss Distagon 25/2 ZE, but to see such small-sized differences it is possible only in test conditions on specks of 100%. The lens definitely costs its money, and I am not sure that it needs an autofocus.
Soon its resolution will be measured in lines on mm and we will compare it to Sigma 35mm 1:1.4 DG Art HSM.