Very valuable brochure. Still to find it, but imore new… In addition. Specifically this copy is valuable that there are only AE-versions of lenses (with MTF schedules are described!). On the site Carl Zeiss you will find brochures to separate lenses only to MM versions!
Thus at the moment we have almost all data!

The truth recently I was asked by Dmitry S. about Tele-Tessar 200/4 and in this brochure it for some reason isn’t present. Probably, it is necessary to look for older as there is Tele-Tessar 200/3.5, and it is newer.

That else interesting in the brochure. At the end of it there is some philosophy about names of different groups of lenses, it is told a little about history of emergence of an enlightenment of T * (here we will note that the real T * appeared only in 1972 and respectively Soviet MC couldn’t be received identical on VEB CZ Jena (Germany)).

At the end of the brochure there is a table (for early, AE-versions of lenses where it is specified in what of them the floating element is used). It is important because by means of a floating element is possible to reach identical sharpness at different distances of focusing, unlike lenses without this element which are adjusted on some one distance.

Also there is all scheme of Contax 35mm system.
I will bring it here for those who is interesting in it.

scheme of Contax 35mm system

Catalog of the lenses Carl Zeiss (October, 1975)