Rubber hood Rubber hood So far I will write about Zeiss/Contax lens hood, because it is very actual. And later I will add an information about modern blenda of Carl Zeiss.
You perhaps are surprised, why to write about old and expensive hoods? But first old hoods are carving and therefore will rise on all lens of any firm which has a carving under the filter.
New hood of bayonet type, as, for example,Canon. I am not sure that they will get up on some lens except the native one.

Why do we need Zeiss/Contax hoods when there are cheap Chinese one? First developed design of Contax system by means of Porsche Design studio and therefore it turned out VERY nice.
Qualitative (and ergonomic by itself) design it is difficult to overestimate value.

Secondly Zeiss hoods are made of better and durable material. They are more thick, the covering is better and they have a qualitative carving. I also have a Chinese lens hood (now the set price is not so high) and I can assure that a carving on Chinese one is bad, with agnails. They aren’t really well wound and not really well removed. Zeiss one have a special covering inside. Not the velvet, but something ridge and nielloed that serves as a catcher of light and doesn’t allow turn into the filter dressed on a lens. Chinese lens has a simple iron.

It would be possible to think that article is advertising, but it is not so. Only their aesthetes whom it isn’t enough buy.
So actually for them I also write that those who wants to get to himself a qualitative lens hood knew as it looks and on what lenses will approach.

Fastening of Carl Zeiss lens hood

All Carl Zeiss lens hoods for reflex cameras fasten through a transitional ring. The diameter is 86mm.

Hood №3

Hood №4

And therefore on different lenses there are different transitional rings.
The Carl Zeiss company tried to optimize production and therefore also many lenses diameter arwe under the filter 67mm. But there are also 55mm and they are absolutely various and differ in diameter.

What kind of lens hood is for optical lens


Carl Zeiss hoods are possible to fix on any other lenses.

Sizes of Carl Zeiss lens hoods

hood №3+transitional ring 55/86

hood №3+transitional ring 55/86

hood №3+transitional ring 67/86

hood №3+transitional ring 67/86

hood №4+ transitional ring 67/86

hood №4+ transitional ring 67/86

Alternatives for brand lens hoods

Among other things there are some alternatives.

Rubber hood by Carl Zeiss

contax 55mm

This lens hood approaches in particular on popular Carl Zeiss Planar 50/1.7, Carl Zeiss Planar 50/1.4
At this hood and in general at all rubber there is big plus — they don’t prevent to dress a cover on a lens when it is in in the put state.

Metal Chinese lens hoods

Of course, they don’t look as brand and are bad on a carving but if you want a Zeiss lens a little, and you do not have money for a beautiful lens hood, it is your option.


Chinese rubber lens hoods

The quality of Chinese rubber hoods can be better. But… All is good in a famine.
At least they have a metal carving. The elastic band is terrible, but carries out the function.
The elastic band can fall off, but puts on back without problems.

Brand transitional rings by Carl Zeiss

 Contax 55/86

Contax 55/86

Contax 67/86

Contax 67/86

The transitional ring Contax 67/86 is just the same on designs, only internal diameter is more than needed.


I gave not all lens hoods. There are a lot of them, but these are the most usable. There was still No. 5 ( it approaches for 100 and 135mm lenses), but I didn’t photograph it. And No. 1 and No. 2 are necessary for super wide-angles which I buy extremely seldom because of their very high price (2500usd).