I want to introduce, dear readers, the catalog of lenses of the Japanese company Yashica. About 30 years ago Yashica was the largest company in Japan, the producer of photooptics and cooperated with the German company Carl Zeiss. Not without reason the lenses Carl Zeiss use a bayonet joint of Contax/Yashica (C/Y) under the Contax trademark.

yashinon lensyashinon len
Now I will strongly not go deep into history (I will make it later, in a separate article), but I will note that in family of the lenses Yashica there are a lot great one and a little inferior to the lenses Carl Zeiss of that time.
The lenses Yashinon which were made by Yashica itself which have fastening of M42 are presented in this catalog and can be established on the modern digital camera by means of the corresponding adapter. The bayonet joint is mentioned in the description of lenses as Praktica Mount since Japan got acquainted with fastening of M42 through the Praktica chambers.
Approximate date of the catalog is 1968 (in the catalog it is directly not specified, I judge on the camera which is used for the illustrations Yashica TL Electro X).
Also I advise to look at Yashica accessories at the end of the catalog. They are cheaper, than at Contax, but an essence just the same in most cases and have qouite decent quality.