Many thanks to Alexey L. from St.-Petersburg for the lens Samyang 85/1.4. At the moment I didn’t have 85mm lenses. We will be now a standard to which I will compare all others 85mm lenses. Not because it the best one but because I am able to store it eternally :)

Samyang 85/1.4

Samyang 85/1.4 — the Korean lens. The company entered the market for a long time ago, but after other “dinosaurs” of lens constraction. Generally this company makes lenses for video surveillance. Also Samyang uses a heap of trademarks for sale of the production. Definitely to tell what of these trademarks belong to Samyang is not so simply, but judging by similarity of advertizing materials — the majority (Bower, Vivitar, Rokinon, Pro Optic, Walimex, Opteka, Polar, etc.). All lenses are absolutely identical.
In spite of the fact that the lenses Samyang are usually worse than the eminent colleagues from Canon and Nikon, but many thanks for providing it for us, photographers, the opportunity to receive a quite good lens of any focal length for very reasonable price. Samyang occupied the niche and hardly anyone will be able to compete with it, and here the company draws in the main players from below the lenses. Not so long ago once again I startled the market with inexpensive tilt-shift lenses which always were very expensive. Good luck Samyang!
optic_samyangFocal length: 85mm
Focus: manual
Point of view: 28.3.
Design: 9 elements in 7 groups
Quantity of petals of a diaphragm: 8 pieces
MDF: 1 m
Masking limits: F1.4-F22
Diameter of the forward filter: 72mm
Landing carving: Canon

There is one aspherical element. Whether this helps somehow it is difficult to tell (we need tests on edge of a shot). In this regard I didn’t notice any special improvements of the picture when using and comparing pictures with others 85mm lenses which I used earlier.


The lens is very compact so the lens hood seems excessively big. Especially you notice it when the lens mount is put on in option “for transportation” and the focusing ring then is inaccessible.

The lens case is partially metal, with plastic inserts and a rubberized ring of focusing. It is made quite soundly, but also without excessive durability.

Samyang 85 1.4The values of a diaphragm switch softly, the course of a ring of focusing is rather big.

My option is equipped with the focusing confirmation chip so at hit of object in focus the sound signal is audible. In Exif of a picture the focal length of a lens, but not value of a diaphragm since electricians in a lens aren’t present registers.

Samyang 85As you can see, petals of a diaphragm of the lens Samyang 85/1.4 Aspherical IF are rounded but as it isn’t enough of them and they are rounded not strongly, it helps with the plan of improvement a side a little.
For some reason in the majority of reviews I found, that not all understand what such rounding mean.

Examples of pictures of Samyang 85/1.4 Aspherical IF

All photos are made on an open diaphragm of F1.4.


As this lens can be generally necessary for beautiful degradation of a background (bokeh), I decided to strengthen effect of degradation. For this purpose I used lengthening rings.



Samyang 85/1.4 Aspherical IF is very unique lens. We have opportunity to receive rather quite good characteristics and focal 85mm for quite reasonable price. Other 85 are much more expensive, even old models. So, for example, Carl Zeiss Planar 85/1.4 . And here you receive manual 85mm for quite good price. Quality of a lens, of course, it is another, but also the price another.
On an open diaphragm of F1.4 a lens it is sharp for portrait shooting. They can quite shoot girls against the bushes/wood and other plots with bokeh portraits like given below.
For characteristic portraits, for example, of elderly people, this lens won’t approach because it has smooth wrinkles, and in such plots they, on the contrary, should be shown. That it is impossible to hide — it is better not to try to hide at all.
It is more and there is nothing to tell about a lens. Good budgetary 85 lens which moderately is afraid of light and has essential HA. It is a very good model.