Today it will be a question of adapters quality for manual lenses (with manual focus). For the mini-test of adapters I even bought a micrometer. Not any Chinese, but real, Soviet, to within 0.01mm.

adapter M42-Canon EOS (Chinese)

At first we will test the adapter M42-Canon EOS omade in China. The adapter programmed with the latest EMF chip, allowing to program focal, the maximum diaphragm and the front-back focus. In general it is on the picture.

0 °: 1.42mm
90 °: 1.45 mm
180 °: 1.40 mm
270 °: 1.43 mm
Thickness of the adapter casing is 7,03mm

adapter C/Y-Canon EOS (Chinese)

adapter cy
0 °: 1.54mm
90 °: 1.52 mm
180 °: 1.51 mm
270 °: 1.52 mm
Thickness of the adapter casing is 6,82mm

Leitax C/Y-bayonet joint-Canon EOS


0 °: 1.89mm
90 °: 1.89 mm
180 °: 1.89 mm
270 °: 1.89 mm
Quality of manufacture impresses! to 0,01mm!
Adapter thickness is 7,01mm

Adapter Kipon C/Y-Canon EOS

0 °: 1.87mm
90 °: 1.86 mm
180 °: 1.85 mm
270 °: 1.86 mm
It is made not bad, but stamping has an effect — the dispersion.
Adapter thickness is 7,25mm


We will begin with that in the ranks of adapter vendors there is no the main idea of the necessary adapter thickness. There are already 3 versions of necessary thickness and it must be said they will quite strongly influence on the accuracy of auto-focus confirmation by system of the camera in case of diaphragms 1.4-2.0.
On pebble-place the author assures that the thickness of the Leitax adapter is 1.43mm. However I received the same adapter from Leitax, but is MUCH more fat. Almost 2mm!
The same the author claims that ideal thickness is 1.425 mm. I won’t argue. He doesn’t specify a source where he gathered this information. But my simple computation (a working segment of Contax 45.5mm is a working segment of Canon 44mm) gives me exactly 1.5mm.
On Leitax we glue the original Lushnikov’s adapter. It is necessary to tell that it is a little backward adapter with inconvenient programming. I used Chinese one and they give the chance to write the value of a diaphragm set on the camera. It is convenient to understand on what diaphragm you shoot the picture.

Adjustment of auto-focus confirmation is possible in 17 levels on Lushnikov’s adapter. On Chinese it is in 30 steps. I don’t know how many have that and others it makes in mm so we won’t compare in “parrots”.
Process of an input in the mode of programming of Lushnikov adapter is quite inconvenient.
Judge for yourself: to remove a lens. To deliver a lens and during 3 sec I shall make a sharp photo to enter the programming mode. But! Initially the adapter is in the auto-focus mode, i.e. the camera will make a photo only when the sound of focus sounds. I have a manual lens (with manual focus). To manage to make everything in 3 seconds reminds me a western.
The benefit there is the AI Servo mode in which the adapter can’t lock a descent of the camera. When I for the first time put the adapter I was a little bit shocked, that I can’t make a picture even in the M mode. In Chinese there wasn’t such strange function. Why? It is in the camera.
Generally I advise to buy the chip on Ebay separately and to paste independently on the Leitax adapter.

We will return to quality of manufacture. The Chinese M42 adapter walks on 0.05mm thickness (1.40-1.45). It is a little, but on a macro-photo there are also distortions (left side of a picture is sharper or right). The Chinese C/Y adapter is made with higher quality, but already with the special vision of necessary adapter thickness (1.51-1.54mm, it is the closest to an ideal). Leitax aimed to deprive an infinity (1.89mm).

I checked a thick bayonet joint of Leitax (1.89mm) for infinity. Or more precisely to tell at distance 50-80m where sees my eye in the view-finder with an augment. At this distance there were any problems, the focus is achievable. Hit in focus is confirmed by the focus screen with Doden’s wedges.
I will check from a mount from two identical lenses with the Chinese adapter (1,5mm) and with Leitax bayonet joint (1.89mm) later.
It is interesting that the most eminent vendors (Leitax and Kipon) adapters adhere to digit 1.85-1.89, but not ideal 1.5mm.
For now I set the new bayonet joint of Leitax. That becomes within 2 minutes.


I advise users of AEG of the Carl Zeiss/Contax lenses to put the Leitax adapter. The normal Chinese adapter won’t approach as with it, the lens will be turned off from the adapter during focusing. On AEG bayonet joint there are too round lobes and a tiny spring of the Chinese adapter can’t be hooked for them. But when will be going to take the Leitax adapter, pay attention that it is necessary to use only for AEG, the 3rd screw! AEJ and MMJ are 4th screw.